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building elevations for the time and space condominiums in Toronto

Building Elevation

Welcome to the time and space condominiums. now you can relax, take your time and own your very own space.

The time and space condos - building rendering - artist's impression

The time and space condos Toronto with 11 to 29 storeys and terraced floors.

About the Time and Space Condominiums

time and space will be constructed in 2 phases: the first to go up will be the 2 twenty-nine floor towers. These will be connected by the 10 floor parking garage, with amenity space on the roof of the podium. There will be retail space on the north and west sides of the property.

the 2nd part of the construction will include the terraced floors of the building, with sections rising from 11 to 19 floors high. Cars will be able to access the drop-off area and visitors parking from an underpass that will go through the entire building.  The underpass will be 4 floors high and be located under the 19 floor section of the building. There will also be a large park area open to the public that will be built between the two buildings of the 2nd phase.

The finished condominium will have the following units:

  •   14:  Studios
  • 347: 1 Bedrooms
  • 741: 1 Bedroom + Den
  • 271: 2 Bedrooms
  •  55: 2 Bedroom + Den
  • 158: 3 Bedrooms

There are 1,586 suites planned in total.

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Building Facts
Development Name Time and Space Condos
Developer Pemberton Group
Architect Wallman Architects
Address 177 Front Street East Toronto, Ontario M5A 1E7
Construction Type New Construction
Nearest Intersection Front Street and Lower Sherbourne
Number of Units 1586
Sales Status Not Accepting Registrations

Purchasing Condominiums in Toronto

If you are looking to purchase a suite, please register on our form above. You will receive links to the prices, floor plans and brochures as they become available.  We will also let you know when Platinum and VIP sales have started so you will have a good chance at securing your desired suite, ahead of REALTORS and ahead of the general public.

Pre-Construction Condominiums in Toronto are sold in several stages. In the first stage, the builders are able to sell a limited number of suites to their friends and family.

In the second stage, projects are usually opened to Platinum REALTORS only, a select group of trusted condo specialist REALTORS who help to sell hundreds of units through large databases of clients. Because Platinum REALTORS are able to move so much volume and so quickly, this is usually the stage where the builder is able to sign enough contracts to confirm that the project will be built. The Platinum stage will generally remain open for several weeks before opening the project for VIP REALTORS in the next stage.

In the 3rd stage, sales are opened to VIP REALTORS, a larger group made up of hundred's of Toronto REALTORS who have a proven track record of condo sales. By this point, if there was already a Platinum Sale, prices may have increased, and less desirable or more expensive units may be the only ones still available. The VIP sales stage can extend for months for some projects, however other projects may be sold out in days or weeks depending on the demand for the project. Projects that go directly to the VIP stage also exist, but it can be a lot harder to secure a suite, as the project will be open to hundreds of Toronto REALTORS. Highly desirable projects will usually go through all of the stages.

In the final stage of sales, the builders are required to open the sales to the general public, when the sales office becomes open to walk-ins. They will usually reserve a small number of units to be sold at this stage, however depending on the demand for the project, there may be as few as 10-20 suites that are reserved for public sales in any given project phase.

Because of the different stages, clients who do not have a direct relationship with the builder are best to gain access to developments by forming a relationship with a Platinum level REALTOR. Because we are working for you, we will help you find a suitable suite for a specific project, or help you decide on a suite among several projects in Toronto.

St. Lawrence Market - Located 3 blocks west of the Time and Space Condominiums

Main Hall Upper Level of the St. Lawrence Market

The time and space - retail concourse

The Time and Space Condos - Artist's ConceptRendering

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